H. Wiley Hitchcock

A Centennial Birthday Invitation

H. Wiley Hitchcock

The Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music is entering an exciting new phase, with plans to support academic research in American music studies through affiliation with the CUNY Graduate Center while continuing its cultural and degree program presence at Brooklyn College.

HISAM serves a broad constituency: Americanist scholars in many fields; undergraduate and graduate students interested in American music, culture, and history; and the general public through lectures, concerts, and performances as well as the online publication, American Music Review. Links to AMR and many events (live and recorded) are available on the website.

To keep the Hitchcock Institute running strong into the 21st century, we invite you to a Centennial Birthday Party and Benefit Concert on 28 September 2023 at 7 PM EDT in Elebash Hall, 365 5th Avenue, Manhattan. The event will also be live-streamed. The evening will feature an array of American choral works curated by Dr. Malcolm J. Merriweather, followed by excerpts of Cecil Taylor’s 1976 opera, A Rat’s Mass / Procession In Shout.

Join us in September, and celebrate the beauty of American music.

Reservation information will be announced this summer.